Home Sweet Home

I am now home in Australia from my adventures overseas followed by a short stay in Sydney! Whilst it was non-stop and very tiring I saw so many places and experienced so much of what England & Europe has to offer. The trip was over so quickly and I tried to take as many photos as possible (and found out I am such an amateur) to have alongside my memories to remember my adventures. I am having some post travel blues but I am glad to be home and back into uni. I am currently in the process of compiling all my photos ready to share and will be posting a city-by-city guide of my adventures! Stay tuned for tips & pics…




5 Must Have Items for a Long Haul Flight

Since moving half-way across the world from England to Australia many years ago and flying rather regularly back to the UK again I now consider myself a seasoned long haul pro. I try to think of them as a time to relax and enjoy a movie marathon of all the latest flicks I haven’t had the chance to watch. Whether you’re in first, business or cattle a long haul flight is taxing on your body but I have developed a few strategies to minimise the impact. So here they are, my 5 essentials for surviving a long haul flight and landing looking fabulous.

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Adventure Bound

I am extremely excited to say that today I am embarking on an adventure. Along with my family, I am travelling from Australia back to England, where we are originally from. After spending a few weeks in my hometown and attending a dear family friends wedding I will be headed to London to explore the capital followed by a few days exploring the hills and countryside of Wales.

Then I will be taking the train to Paris, a city I have always craved to see but haven’t yet been to. I cannot wait to finally see the city of love and experience this beautiful place myself. Then my brother and I will head to Amsterdam for a couple of days of cycling along the city rivers before flying to Barcelona. We will spend the weekend in the Spanish city admiring the architecture and culture. Our last destination is Rome which I have been to before but not for long enough and I have wanted to go back since.

This European expedition is the perfect getaway I need after a long semester of hard work and extensive periods of time in the library. I was once told that “itchy feet means you will travel” well my feet are itchy and I am beyond excited for the trip of a lifetime!

So many sights to see, culture to consume, food and wine to indulge in and fun to be had!

Stay tuned, I will be documenting my travels on my Instagram and hnnhwllw



August Product Review

This month I have purchased a few new makeup products to add to my ever-growing collection.

August Purchases
Benefit Erase Paste, Too Faced Better Than Sex & Nyx Lip Butter

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A Parisienne View on Fashion

My belief in life is quality over quantity. I apply this philosophy to all aspects of my life including fashion & my personal style.

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Welcome to hnnh wllw

This is my blog, which I envision to be my creative outlet and space. Expect to see fashion, styling, beauty, food, travel, health & fitness, decor, inspiration, quotes, the occasional story and lots of love. This is just the beginning and I have a long road ahead. Stay tuned for there is much to be shared…