A Parisienne View on Fashion

My belief in life is quality over quantity. I apply this philosophy to all aspects of my life including fashion & my personal style.

Parisienne Fashion

When it comes to fashion I have long been inspired by the Parisienne take on style. Parisienne fashion always looks so effortlessly chic as if they have put little thought into their outfit and strolled out their house in a runway worthy ensemble. French women seem to have an air of refined class and thoughtless style. The foundation of Parisienne style is quality pieces combined with wardrobe staples to create a minimal yet sophisticated look. Whilst luxurious and designer pieces are often featured they are subtle and classy – never flashy. Good grooming is a must with well-styled hair, a fresh manicure and fresh-faced makeup. This style suits me as I am convinced I was Parisienne in another life. I adore all things French related and have an affiliation for the lifestyle and outlook.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.39.07 pm
La Parisiennes: Emannuelle Alt & Géraldine Saglio. Image sourced from Pinterest


I have an appreciation for all things monochrome. To me the combination of black and white is the ultimate in elegant simplicity. My wardrobe includes only  black, white, neutrals, denim, grey marle and the occasional navy piece. This makes it uncomplicated to style multiple outfits and experiment whilst maintaining my basic colour scheme. I now steer away from fashions such as head-to-toe colour-blocking and floral prints featuring multiple shades. The Parisienne style can be achieved by any female, planning in advance and sticking to a limited colour scheme will result in a well put together wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.37.19 pm
Miranda Kerr in a casual black and white. Image sourced from vogue.co.uk


Parisienne style  does not require an endless shopping budget – it is not about wearing only designer items.This look requires the use of your discretion to know when to invest in pieces and when to buy low-cost basics.The rule I apply is invest in quality jeans, handbags, coats and jackets. When it comes to basic t-shirts, statement jewellery, skirts and shorts you can be strategic about your spending and purchase lower priced pieces. The trick is knowing the places to buy your basics and purchasing when they are on sale. Maintaining a colour scheme is recommended with lower priced clothing items as they tend to look better in black or grey. Another rule I have is when it comes to leather it is worth a splurge as quality leather is an investment and adds luxury to any outfit..

Everything looks better in black 

Black is chic and effortless. It is both elegant and casual. Black suggests so much without having to say anything at all. It can be worn head-to-toe or mixed with white, grey marle, denim, khaki and yes, navy. My love for black is undying as it is versatile and can easily be transformed. I love to accesorise black pieces with a hint of colour, a flash of  a print or stacks of statement accessories. Experiment by combining textures rather than a variety of colours and prints. Wool, lace, fur and all styles of leather are key to achieving a textured look. The options are endless so if in doubt, choose black.

Olivia Palermo in textured monochrome ensembles. Image sourced from Pinterest


Start with black as the foundation of your wardrobe and selectively accessorise with textures and neutral colours and you are guaranteed to achieve a minimalistic and chic look that oozes Parisenne sophistication.

a textured monochrome look: black waxed jeans, white silk shirt & black fluffy knit


This is fashion through the eyes of hnnh wllw & there is a lot more to come. I hope to share some of my thoughts and knowledge with you as well as learn from you. Please leave me a note or comment of any thoughts or suggestions.




*header image of Eiffel Tower & Paris sourced from unsplash.com


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