5 Must Have Items for a Long Haul Flight

Since moving half-way across the world from England to Australia many years ago and flying rather regularly back to the UK again I now consider myself a seasoned long haul pro. I try to think of them as a time to relax and enjoy a movie marathon of all the latest flicks I haven’t had the chance to watch. Whether you’re in first, business or cattle a long haul flight is taxing on your body but I have developed a few strategies to minimise the impact. So here they are, my 5 essentials for surviving a long haul flight and landing looking fabulous.


A great moisturiser is a must to keep your skin hydrated and replenished to avoid the flakiness a flight can cause. I find flying first makes my skin oily and then it seems to completely dry out. I would recommend wearing no facial makeup (or as little as possible) to keep your pores as clean as possible from the beginning of your journey as well as the comfort factor. Remember that a good moisturiser can double as a lip balm to keep your lips supple and crack free. Apply on clean skin at least once per flight to keep your skin moisturised and bright. Save applying any makeup for just before landing or being greeted at the arrival gate. I love Elizabeth Arden’s cult classic Eight Hour Cream for intense hydration as nothing moisturises my skin so effectively. Some people dislike the scent but there is an unscented version available. This product is always in my handbag for constant application, especially when travelling.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Having recently been gifted a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones and experiencing flights wearing them I could not go without these lifesavers again. I find planes very loud and I think all of us have been irritated by other passengers making noise when we are trying to get some rest. Noise cancelling headphones come to the rescue with just the flick of a button the noise next to disappears and you are free to get some much-needed sleep in your own little bubble. The absolute comfort of these means you will no longer get sores ears from airplane supplied or in-ear headphones again. Although they are an investment good noise cancelling headphones are long-lasting and well worth the money in my opinion.


Plenty of Water

Sometimes the process of flying can make us forget to drink enough water needed for an average day let along for a flight. One of the major downsides of flying is the dehydrating effect it has upon your body and skin. Combat this by consuming as much water as you can consistently throughout the journey. Although it can help you sleep I would strongly recommend avoiding drinking alcohol as the altitude makes it three times more dehydrating. To help minimise potential swelling try adding a Hydralyte or Berocca to your water regularly for extra minerals and electrolytes. Also as the recirculated air on flights can be a breeding ground for illnesses so adding Vitamin C can assist in preventing picking anything up while your body is tired and immune system in overdrive.


Stop Over Saviours

The first flight of the journey alone can leave you feeling disoriented and dirty and the thought of a couple of hours wait followed by an even longer flight can really be horrible. My major tip for long distance travel is taking full advantages of the facilities available in the airport as most international airports now have a transit hotel with showers. The first thing I do after getting of the plane is locate this and for a small amount of money (usually AUD$15) you can have a shower with towels and toiletries such as body wash provided. This is my ultimate saviour and instantly makes me feel completely refreshed so I always pack a change of clothes in my carry-on luggage. I always try to walk as much as I can after having been sitting for such a long period of time to get my body moving and reduce stiffness and swelling. After showering for as long as possible I recommend eating some fresh fruit and drinking at least two bottles of water. After this process it is normally time to board the next flight which I promise you will do completely revived and more comfortable.


Comfortable Clothing

Domestic flights allow you to dress as chic as you desire for arrival at your destination – one of my favourite females who’s airport style is always on point is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She consistently rocks leather jeans and is photographed looking like the baggage claim is her runway.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley travelling in style – Image sourced from Pinterest.

Unfortunately I don’t travel as flawlessly as Rosie on a long haul flight as it requires greater comfort so heels are a no go. However, you don’t have to compromise on style to be comfortable enough for the duration of your travels. I personally take full advantage of the sports luxe trend and suit up in my workout pants and Nikes with a structured jacket and leather handbag to add a touch of fashion to the (all black of course) outfit. Where possible wear natural fabrics such as cotton as well as wearing layers to deal with the changing temperatures of planes and terminals. If, like mine, your feet are prone to swelling then comfortable shoes are a must – if you wear open toe don’t forget to pack some socks to keep your feet warm.


I hope my tips can help you travel in both comfort and style and have you arriving looking like Rosie!

Happy & Safe travels



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